I wanted to establish Wright & Smith because I am passionate about beautiful design.  I love beautiful things – home décor and more – and learning about who has made them and how they are made.  I want to discover the magic ingredient that takes something from well-made to exceptionally crafted, from useful to indispensable, from pleasing to beautiful.

Useful objects or furniture do not have to be purely functional or mundane.  A certain chair, for example, may be affordable but, if it doesn’t also please you or won’t work for your ongoing requirements, you are likely to find yourself wanting to replace it sooner rather than later.  By the same token, just because something is expensive does not mean it is necessarily well made or of a good design. 

To my mind, an object’s real value lies in the skill, the design and the craftsmanship that has gone into producing it.  And this is what we want to show you at Wright & Smith.  We are here to help you make an informed choice about your purchase and enjoy connecting with the people who have made it.


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I feel very lucky that my job is to bring stories of craftsmanship and design together for you.  Everyday, I get to speak to artisans and designers all over the world and gain a little insight into their lives.  While I am sitting at my desk in Hong Kong’s afternoon sun, I may be speaking with a weaver in Scotland who is up early checking their looms at the start of the day or a carpenter who is on his way home for the night in New Zealand.   Our ability to make these global connections in the twenty-first century actually gives us a great opportunity to support and nurture the traditional skills and values of creative endeavour within their local contexts.

Please enjoy exploring the Wright & Smith website.  You will meet some wonderful people here and find some beautiful design and exceptional craftsmanship, which I hope will find a place in your story too.

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