I was asked in an interview recently to name my two favourite pieces of art or home décor accessories in my own home.  One is a bronze statue by Wright & Smith member Nicola Toms.  Another is a favourite painting.  But this question got me thinking about statement pieces from Wright & Smith that I’d like to add to my own collection.

nicola toms tiger for insights

I believe that some of our makers are truly blurring the boundaries of art and craft and, if you are looking to add a special piece to a particular space, I’d recommend Inigo Scout’s luxurious textile art (you can also wrap yourself in it!), Nicola Toms‘ beautiful sculptures and drawings, Chiara Grifantini’s incredible handpainted wallhangings and Julie & Jesse’s un/limited edition of wonderful FRAGMENT(S) vases, which make a stunning installation perfect for a private or public space.




We are also lucky enough to have 1882 Ltd’s ‘Tryst’ vase in our product portfolio. A part of the permanent collection at the V&A in London, it can be made for your home too.




A very special statement collection is made by one of our recently new members, Keren Zhang.  Keren has created a tea set, set into a stone topped table with two matching stools.  The lids of the boxes, caddies, cups and teapot are inlaid with individually handcut feathers.  The result is an incredible tribute to the lost Chinese high art of Dian Cui, or ‘dotting with kingfishers’.  Keren’s work both preserves and elevates this ancient tradition to stunning effect.




Finally, we are so pleased to have our newest member, Troels Flensted, on board.  Troels’ experimental work with material process is rightly garnering praise and awards from design circles around the world this year. Troels created ‘Ember’ for the annual Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition in Denmark this year, themed ‘Pitch Black’.  Inspired by the idea of a fire dying in a dark forest, Troels used shou sugi ban, the traditional Japanese technique of charring wood, to create this limited edition side table. Wright & Smith are delighted to be able to bring this piece and its story to you.  A stunning modern statement made with a centuries old technique, this table is finished to withstand everyday use.


Troels Flensted Ember


So, if you’re looking to make a statement (and use it), look no further – we’ve got plenty for you!

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