At Wright & Smith we believe that innovation is at the heart of all that we do and represent. Our makers are constantly innovating new ways to keep old skills alive, to make traditional techniques relevant to today’s evolving digital space and creating design sensibilities that honour their cultural heritage. Wright & Smith’s innovation lies in the unique way we have democratised artisanal luxury for a global audience. So we were thrilled when Wright & Smith were asked to represent luxury craft at the GREAT Festival of innovation in Hong Kong last month.

The GREAT Festival of Innovation was held over fours days at Hong Kong’s Asia Society. The Festival was established as a part of the UK’s initiative to celebrate existing links between the UK and Asia, something close to our hearts at Wright and Smith. Our British roots and Asian home have shaped both our design aesthetic and our choice of Wrights & Smiths. Two of our Hong Kong based makers were represented at GREAT; Yuet Tung China Works and Julie & Jesse. Both ceramicists have workshops in Hong Kong, and are looking to preserve the cultural heritage of Chinese ceramics in a juxtaposition of artistic taste.



wright and smith at great festival of innovation hong kong april 2018 yuet tung china works julie and jesse fragments vase b

Yuet Tung is the last remaining workshop of their kind in Hong Kong. They have produced dinnerware, tea services and bespoke hand-painted porcelain pieces for customers all over the globe. Their skill in traditional hand-painted Cantonese style ceramics is unsurpassed, as demonstrated by the 1970s Chinese Ginger Jar they displayed at GREAT. Painted in a traditional style by Mr Tam, the current master painter, he and the few remaining artists are keeping this dying art alive.

Julie Progin and Jesse McLin are ceramic artists and designers, who have developed unique casting techniques to capture direct impressions of the residues of the porcelain industry of Jingdezhen offering a kind of ‘real-time’ archaeology. Wright & Smith were delighted to showcase Vase B, a piece from their FRAGMENT(S) series, which captures the break and decay of a mould to reveal the beauty in deterioration and create a memory of what would otherwise be discarded.

The Festival organised by the UK’s Department for International Trade focused on how innovation, technology and creativity will change the way we work, live, learn and play in the years to come. It welcomed experts taking part in speaker and panel discussions with some of the world’s leading minds in luxury, design and fashion, including Wright and Smith maker Elaine Yan Ling Ng of the Fabrick Lab who effused on the future of luxury alongside architect Andre Fu and fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic.

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