Textiles and Accessories

Fabric designer, Chiara Grifantini is a maker of precious and rare hand-painted fabric. She creates beautiful unique hand-painted textiles inspired by her studies and travels around the world.

Chiara Grifantini was born and raised in Rome and graduated in Architecture from the University La Sapienza. For several years she worked as a set designer and decorator for a number of Italian and French film makers, before moving with her family to live in Australia, New Zealand and the US. These travels inspired Chiara to research the manual crafts and decorative arts of the Aboriginal, Maori and Native American cultures. She has since settled in London, where she has studied the history of English textile design and trained in hand printing and painting on textiles at St Martin’s School of Art.


Entirely due to her own creative drive and self-discipline, Chiara’s work has evolved so that she is now a well-regarded maker of precious and rare hand-painted fabrics. She works with natural fabrics, largely linen, raw silk, hemp and cotton, to produce textiles, wall hangings and soft furnishings.  All of Chiara’s designs are derived from her own pencil and ink drawings.  She plans the design “in her head” and then paints free hand on to the fabric using pigments and paint that she mixes herself.

“Chiara Grifantini is truly blurring the boundaries between art, design and craft.”

Wright & Smith are very excited that Chiara is collaborating with us to bring you a collection of one-off hand painted cushion covers and wall hangings.