Ceramic accessories

John Born is the mind and hands behind Humble Matter. He creates strikingly beautiful vessels, vases and bowls from his workspace in Brooklyn, New York City.

John Born left a career in advertising after discovering his passion and talent for working with ceramics.  In addition to his studio in Brooklyn, he works out of Brickhouse Ceramic Art Center in Long Island City, Queens.

John’s design process begins with a 2D sketch, which he then “translates” into 3D, using common, everyday objects as molds.  Despite this seemingly logical progression, the emotional response to a piece is just as important as how it looks, so the final form of each design can only be decided once it has come out of the kiln.

With inspiration that runs the gamut from Cycladic pottery to the sculpture of Brancusi, John’s pieces have a style that merges the ancient with the modern.  It is a style that has caught the attention of the design world with a number of John’s pieces being featured in a recent Fendi Casa campaign as well as international design press.

“Open, collaborative and talented, Humble Matter’s practice is hugely supportive of fellow ceramicists, creatives and craft lovers the world over.”

Wright & Smith have very much enjoyed collaborating with John to bring together the exclusive collection that you see here.  It is a pleasure to work with a craftsman, who is so open in sharing his process and the progress of his work.  And we are very excited to be able to share this experience with our customers too.

Each piece from the collection is made to order, which means that we can offer you the opportunity to customise or commission your own bespoke heirloom for future generations.  You can simply order online any of the pieces shown below. Or please contact Wright & Smith concierge to commission or customise a bespoke piece.