Textile Art

Contemporary textile artists, Inigo Scout have collaborated with three exciting contemporary UK artists and Johnstons of Elgin, one of Scotland’s finest wool mills, to produce beautiful blankets in limited editions. More accurately described as textile art, these blankets are truly stunning in their designs and quality of craftsmanship.

Inigo and Scout are twins: brother and sister. Having been born prematurely, their first months were spent in hospital, in intensive care. It was in this paediatric unit that Inigo and Scout’s parents, Josh and Lisa Robinson, saw and felt the physical and emotional comfort that all the children in the unit derived from blankets that had been donated by local knitters.  This deeply personal experience, coupled with the belief in the power of art to inspire positive change was the inspiration and motivation for Inigo Scout.


Inigo Scout have created a unique collaboration:  marrying the designs of three exciting up and coming UK artists with Johnstons of Elgin’s world-class craftsmanship in textile production.

Kimvi Nguyen is a talented British Vietnamese artist. She creates simple, graphic work that translates beautifully in wool.  Tim Fishlock is a master of color and composition, whose work always tells an honest story.  In this case, his inspiration came from the beauty of wool fibers under a microscope.  And finally, Tim Robinson is a brilliant painter and collage artist who relished the opportunity to do something that would live flat on a wall or sculpturally as a used blanket.

At Johnstons in Scotland each blanket is woven from 100% finest lambswool on a state-of-the-art jacquard loom and passes through over 35 production processes, many of which have remained unchanged for over 100 years.

And each piece is made more special because every purchase pays for a craftsperson to knit at least ten blankets for children in need of warmth. This is more than a simple donation: Inigo Scout are helping to provide training, income and independence for craftspeople, who in turn help children in their community. Their inaugural project is in partnership with ‘Knit For Peace” in the Cape Flats of Cape Town, South Africa.

“Inigo Scout has been founded as a creative social enterprise that brings warmth, comfort and colour to children around the world.”