Julie Progin and Jesse McLin are ceramic artists and designers, who create beautiful, unique limited edition and experimental pieces of collectors art. Wright & Smith are delighted to be able to show their FRAGMENT(S) series here.

Julie and Jesse are hugely creative people…  As well as working on bespoke designs for discerning clients and creating the Latitude 22N series of tableware, lighting and accessories, they also create beautiful, unique limited edition and experimental pieces of collectors art.  While their studio is based in Hong Kong, the duo travel frequently to Jingdezhen to work and study closely with family run workshops there, at the heart of China’s ceramics heritage.

FRAGMENT(S) is a limited edition of porcelain vases designed and made by Julie & Jesse, which explores and experiments to capture the limits and the relationships between molding techniques, kaolin, firing and colours.  Inspired by the piles of discarded molds and porcelain pieces that are to be found in the city of Jingdezhen, Julie & Jesse used innovative design and techniques to create in these vases a reminiscence of the city as a centre of porcelain production for over 2000 years.


The particular process to make each Fragment(s) vase results in a totally unique and unrepeatable shape for each piece.  No two vases look the same as the molds decay and colour combinations change.  It is this inherent beauty and diversity that the designers are setting forth in this limited edition.

FRAGMENT(S) is designed and made by Julie & Jesse and is a co-edition with LIMITEDunLIMITED editions.

“We aim to connect with traditions, whilst always having something new to say.  We identify ourselves as a link between craft, industry, design and users and seek to stimulate a dialogue through our work”.