Named Latitude to reflect on the diverse backgrounds of the founders and their collaborative partners, and 22N for the latitude of Hong Kong, the ceramic studio of Julie Progin and Jesse McLin offers a range of contemporary and creative porcelain dinnerware, home décor, accessories and lighting.

Designer and artist duo Julie and Jesse established ceramic studio, Latitude 22N in Hong Kong in 2008. Julie’s parents are Swiss but she was born and raised in Hong Kong. Jesse arrived here from Kansas via New York. Together they often work closely with traditional ceramicists in Jingdezhen, China’s historical home of excellence in ceramic design and production.


Together, as Latitude 22N, Julie and Jesse like to create their own personal line of latitude, drawing upon their different cultures and experiences to find a new, fresh perspective on their own traditions.  While their roots are anchored in local traditions and time-honoured values, their story is one of making.  The creation of each item stems from the collaboration between the designers and the makers – it weaves and forms Latitude 22N’s story.

As well as developing tableware, lighting and home decor collections under the Latitude 22N label, Julie and Jesse also separately create very beautiful, unique, limited editions of collectors pieces.  Wright & Smith are very excited to be able to show you both facets of their work… Click here to discover FRAGMENT(S) by Julie & Jesse.

“We create ceramic collections in which design and skill come together always seeking to work in places and with people with amazing history, stories and expertise”.