Sculptor and Artist

Sculptor and artist, Nicola grew up on a cattle and game ranch in Zimbabwe. She studied graphic art in Harare before re-locating to London some 25 years ago. In addition to six major solo exhibitions in London she has exhibited widely with galleries in Britain, America, South Africa and New Zealand. Her work is held in many private collections throughout the world. Nicola lives and works in London's East End.

Nicola’s portraits and sculptures of both domestic animals and wild life display an astonishingly detailed understanding of the anatomy of her subjects.  As such Nicola produces pieces that are brimming with spirit, life and movement.

Nicola produces drawings as one off pieces for her exhibitions as well as on a commission basis.  Her bronze sculptures are all limited editions of 9 with 2 artist copies, so only 11 are ever made.


“Whenever I meet Nicola I am struck by her candour, something unspoiled, unblemished. I feel linked in with the tall skies, distant horizons, the gifts of love for and intimacy with animals she learned as a child…”