Furniture Makers

Designer Dan Gillingham works in partnership with maker Lyndsay Fake and some of New Zealand’s finest furniture makers to produce pieces of furniture-art for now and generations to come.

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Dan Gillingham creates The Earnest Workshop furniture designs in the belief that a furniture maker is a craftsman, not a production line. Hand-made in New Zealand, using the finest materials and time-honoured techniques, each piece tells its own story, having its own unique look, feel and personality that can become a part of your home and your story too.

For every element of each new piece that Dan designs, he finds the perfect match of maker – be it carpenter, upholsterer or blacksmith – for their intimate knowledge of the material with which they work. Together they build prototype after prototype until everyone is satisfied that they are able to create a piece of furniture that not only has the greatest visual aesthetic but one which will also withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Maker Lyndsay Fake is a key member of The Earnest Worshop team, tenacious in his belief that “there is always a way to make it”. Many of Dan’s designs have been brought to fruition by Lindsay’s creative problem-solving and his ability to build a prototype and develop a technique for the furniture design to be crafted.

Sustainability is key at The Earnest Workshop. In all aspects of sourcing, they learn where the materials have come from as well as how they are made or grown. In product design, key considerations are how much material will need to be used and which can provide the longest possible life. Dan Gillingham has even designed the best packaging solution for the products that you order via Wright & Smith.

“If a chair could talk, then would it tell of the way that each family member, without thinking, gravitates to sit in the same spot each night, or would it tell of how it has felt the weight of the children grow?”

The Earnest Workshop brings you beautiful design for life executed with exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece is imbued with personality, a passion to preserve traditional skills of excellence in furniture making and with a focus on sustainability and environmental impact in the twenty first century.