Furniture and Accessories

Troels Flensted graduated from Central St Martins in 2014 and returned to his native Denmark to establish his experimental studio in 2015. His work explores the potential within material behaviour, colours and manufacturing processes and is already becoming well regarded in design circles around the world. In January 2016, Troels received the Maison & Objet Paris ‘Talent á la Carte’ Award. In May 2016 he was among the winners of the 'New Talent Award' at DMY Berlin.

Troels Flensted’s work explores the reactions of materials and colours produced during the manufacturing process. He essentially seeks to capture singular effects and preserve their accidents. Troels’ collection of accessories and modern furniture have the smooth, polished finish and feel of ceramic but are actually a handmade mix of modern materials. The pieces are deliberately minimalistic in shape to allow the materials’ characteristics to shine.

The Poured Collection is created by combining a mineral powder and water-based acrylic polymer. To capture ‘Frozen Moments’ various coloured pigments are added to the mixture before it is poured by hand into a mould. This creates an effect rather like marble or travertine, which is unique to each piece but also recognisable within the studio as the work of each individual’s pouring technique.  Each piece “…captures the time of creation and is a very visual expression of how it’s made. It’s a story of every movement you make when you’re casting”.

To create the ‘Coloured Air’ tables, the liquid material is poured into a mould and air bubbles that rise to the surface are filled with lighter pigment to draw attention to these ‘imperfections’. Troels explains: “It started out as a mistake. But it shows a bit of the handmade story, how the material is behaving”.

The ‘Flecked’ tables are actually unique pieces of beautiful recycling. Colourful flecks from the process of creating the Poured Collection, are gathered and mixed into the liquid material before it is poured into the tabletop mould. Once cured, the surface is sanded smooth to reveal bright pieces of aggregate lodged in the composite.

The legs for all these tables are made by a local blacksmith around the corner from Troels’ studio and powder coated by another local company.

“It’s all about highlighting the behaviour of the material. It’s the starting point of all my processes”.

Troels Flensted Ember

Wright & Smith are very excited to be able to show Ember along side the Poured Collection. Ember is a limited edition table that has been created as a contemporary take on traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban – a natural burning treatment that has been used for centuries in Japan to prolong the life of wood used on exterior housing surfaces. Troels Flensted’s studio have sourced off cut fir wood from Dinesen and collaborated with renowned Danish woodturners Brdr. Krüger to create Ember, bringing Shou Sugi Ban inside and into the twenty first century.