Hand-painted Porcelain

The Tso family established Yuet Tung China Works almost 100 years ago. They have produced dinnerware, tea services and one off commissioned hand painted porcelain pieces for customers as diverse as the Shangri La and Mandarin Hotel groups, noble European families, US department stores and even Hollywood celebrities. Joseph Tso runs the company today while the pieces are produced by a team of four highly skilled painters.

Mr Tam is Yuet Tung’s most skilled painter and produces exquisite bespoke blue and white hand painted porcelain pieces. His works are now being collected by museums in Guangdong. You can commission pieces from Mr Tam through Wright & Smith.

Wright & Smith have also brought Monica Tsang, a talented ceramics designer, together with Yuet Tung to create five exclusive designs that can be applied to your own bespoke dinnerware.

“5 Blessings” is inspired by Yuet Tung’s original Green and Blue Dragon design, which was created by Joseph’s father in the 1930s and has played an important part in Wright & Smith’s own story. See our INSIGHTS Entry 1.

The skills required to produce the original pattern and glaze passed away along with Yuet Tung’s previous master painter. But the meanings represented by these decorations are still alive and used frequently in traditional Chinese design today. Each motif on the original plates represents one of the 5 blessings in Chinese culture: good fortune, wealth, happiness, a successful career and a long life.  Monica Tsang’s new designs celebrates these traditional blessings and allow you to create your own complementary set.

YTCK image 4

With the Tso family, you have the opportunity to collaborate with one of the Wright & Smith flagship workshops to create beautiful bespoke pieces to treasure for years to come.