Batik Stools

$ 146.91 – $ 328.81
by UN/FOLD by The Fabrick Lab

These stools are made by Guizhou carpenters using locally sourced birch wood.

Hand decorated by UN/FOLD’s batik artisans using traditional wax techniques, the stools have been twice dyed with locally harvested and homemade indigo dye.  No chemicals have been added.

The small stool is a perfect size for children’s rooms in particular.  The larger sizes also serve well as small side tables.

Due to its handmade nature, each Batik Stool is unique.  As such the decoration on your stool will be very similar, but not identical, to the samples shown here.  Each piece has a unique shade and colour dependent on the oxidation process and how each artisan has personally approached making and decorating it.  These variations are not considered faults but are part of the unique charm of your stool.

Please note that, while these stools have been coated, it is not recommended that they come into contact with light coloured surfaces as the colour could transfer.

Product delivery lead time is 3 weeks.


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