brown emperador domo table ware marble tray in round and oblong by retegui

Domo Table Ware

€ 986.11 – € 1,216.06
by Retegui

The Domo table ware marble tray range shows how expertly-worked surfaces can make simple shapes look beautiful.  Gentle milling and surface brushing give the marble an attractive density and depth that complements Domo’s curved lines.  this range is ideal for fruit and other objects that simply need a place to be.

Machined from solid marble.  The underside is reinforced with a 10mm thick aluminium honeycomb core.

Marble options:

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 11.30.18 am

Each of Retegui’s pieces is made with a separate and unique piece of marble.  A naturally occurring stone, every piece of marble has its own unique veins and markings.  Hence your piece of tableware will be very similar to but not exactly match the samples that are shown here.  Variations in the veins and markings in the marble are not faults, rather part of the unique nature of your individually crafted piece.

This item is made to order and is not returnable.  Lead time is 4-6 weeks.