white and blue ceramic vase from the FRAGMENT(S) series by julie and jesse vase b


$ 36,435.38
by Julie & Jesse

FRAGMENT(S) captures the break and decay of a mold to reveal the beauty in deterioration and create a memory of what would otherwise be discarded.  Julie Progin and Jesse Mc Lin developed unique casting techniques to capture direct impressions of the residues of the porcelain industry of Jingdezhen offering a kind of ‘real-time’ archaeology.

Vase B, a white and blue ceramic vase, is made from unglazed Jingdezhen white porcelain with Chinese blue glazed fragments.

This collectors item has been produced in a limited edition of 8 pieces plus one Artist proof and one Gallery proof.

Dimensions:  56 cm H x 43 cm W

The particular process to make each FRAGMENT(S) vase results in a totally unique and unrepeatable shape for each piece. Your vase will not exactly match the photographs shown here.

Please contact concierge@wrightandsmith.com for more details.

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