large ceramic coffee mugs in dolomite white finish from the standard ware by the leach pottery

Leach Standard Ware Large Mug

$ 33.00
by The Leach Pottery

These beautiful sturdy Large Ceramic Coffee Mugs are available in two glaze finishes:

  • DOLOMITE: this creamy WHITE glaze is named after the high percentage of the mineral dolomite in the mix. Iron in the clay body comes through, lending the glaze a hint of blue
  • TENMOKU: originating in China, this iron-rich glaze recipe provides a deep BLACK finish, breaking to RED-BROWN where the glaze is thinner.

The mugs are reduction fired to 1280 degrees Celsius and are laboratory tested for food safety.

Dimensions: H 10 cms x W 7.5 cms

Each item is thrown by hand and although sizes and capacities are as accurate as possible, they are approximate.  Also due to the unpredictability of the firing process and materials all glaze finishes are unique and can vary significantly.


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