Long Batik Indigo Textile

$ 465.00
by UN/FOLD by The Fabrick Lab

The Fabrick Lab has collaborated with UN/FOLD’s batik artisans to design new textile patterns derived from traditional Guizhou motifs.  These patterns have then been applied by hand to a range of scarves, using traditional wax techniques.

This textile can be worn as a beautiful scarf but is also large enough to use as a decor accessory, such as a tablecloth.  It has been twice dyed with locally harvested and homemade indigo dye.  No chemicals have been added.  It has hand rolled edges and is made of a 70% silk, 30% cotton mix.

Dimensions: W 110 cms x L 170 cms.

Due to its handmade nature, each Batik Indigo Textile is unique.  As such the pattern on your piece will be very similar, but not identical, to the sample shown here.  Each piece has a unique shade and colour dependent on the oxidation process and how each artisan has personally approached making and decorating it.  These variations are not considered faults but are part of the unique charm of your textile.

Please note that, this natural indigo dye will disperse during each wash.  To keep a darker shade for longer, fasten the textile and use a mild detergent only.  Indigo dyed products should not come into contact with light surfaces during washing or wear as the colour will transfer.

Product delivery lead time is 4 weeks.

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