new botany sofa cushion cover made from hand painted swedish linen by chiara grifantini

‘New Botany’ Cushion Cover – Off White

€ 290.97
by Chiara Grifantini

This stunning ‘New Botany’ cushion cover is made from pure white Swedish linen, which Chiara Grifantini has hand painted with her ‘New Botany’ design.  Chiara Grifantini free-paints all of her designs on to each piece of fabric by hand.

Dimensions: 60 cms x 60 cms.

Bespoke sizes are available.  Please contact

Chiara handpaints each sofa cushion cover to order and each piece is therefore unique. Your cushion cover will be very similar, but not identical, to the sample shown here.

Delivery lead time is 3-4 weeks.  This cushion cover is sold without the fill.

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