The Orient Night Stands

$ 3,250.00
by UN/FOLD by The Fabrick Lab

Traditional batik textile techniques, applied to contemporary furniture, create these beautiful night stands, which are manufactured by Stellar Work in Beijing.

The fronts of the night stand drawers are made from batik birch wood panels, produced in the village of Guizhou and decorated with modern motifs inspired by traditional Guizhou patterns. As with fabrics, these panels have been dyed numerous times in home grown organic indigo dye vats. The indigo colour slowly develops with each oxidisation process.

These panels are incorporated into luxury walnut casing, supported on tapered brass legs.

Available in two colour options: Single Dye, where the natural wood colour shows, and Double Dye, where the panels are decorated in different shades of blue.

Materials: Birch Wood, Walnut, Brass.

Dimensions: H 70 cms x W 46 cms x D 35 cms.

This product is made to order. Required leadtime is 12-15 weeks.


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