The Orient Screen – Modern Marriage

$ 9,934.24
by UN/FOLD by The Fabrick Lab

The Orient Screen (Modern Marriage) is a stunning piece of contemporary furniture, created using a treated hand woven cotton that is unique to Guizhou. Once woven, the cotton fabric is treated with a red bean paste and beaten with a wooden hammer on stone. The coated material is then left out in the sun, where the sugar from the past crystalises and infuses the cotton. This process is repeated over 100 times to create a naturally semi water repellent surface with a glossy texture.

The Fabrick Lab used laser cutting to marry the unique properties of this fabric with modern technology. While reminiscent of haute couture, the shapes in this screen’s laser cut fabric are, in fact, taken from traditional Guizhou prints.

Materials: Woven cotton, Red Bean Paste, Walnut, Brass.

Dimensions: H 175 cms x W 221 cms x D 4 cms.

This product is made to order. Leadtime required is 12-15 weeks.

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