Poured Bowl – White with Pink

$ 667.05 – $ 1,530.30
by Troels Flensted

Every Poured Bowl is cast by hand in Troels Flensted’s studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been quality controlled by Troels Flensted to ensure every bowl lives up to his standard.

A small amount of pigment is added to a mixture of mineral powder and water-based acrylic polymer before it’s poured into a mould where the material flows together and creates patterns that are difficult to predict. Every Poured Bowl is unique and is a ‘frozen moment’ of the time of creation.

The bowls are sealed with a food-safe sealant to prevent stains, but it is not recommended to use for anything oily, liquids of any kind or washing in the dishwasher.


  • Small: Diameter 10 cms x H 4.5 cms
  • Large: Diameter 19 cms x  H 5.5 cms

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