Poured Table – Coloured Air

$ 950.00
by Troels Flensted

Every Poured Table top is cast by hand in Troels Flensted’s studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been quality controlled by Troels Flensted to ensure every table lives up to his standard.  The table legs are made from steel by a blacksmith local to Troels’ studio and powder coated by another local firm.

Coloured Air is made from mineral powder water-based acrylic polymer and pigments.  The mixture is poured into a mould where air bubbles form and rise to the surface during the curing process. Once cured, the table top is sanded smooth and the holes filled with a contrasting colour to highlight the natural behaviour of the material.  The result is reminiscent of a beautiful night sky.

The table top is sealed with a food-safe sealant to prevent stains but please note that oil spills may leave a mark.

Dimensions: Diameter 40 cms x H 45 cms

Leadtime: 5 weeks

This table is made to order. Due to its handmade nature and the difficulty in predicting how the air bubbles will form, each poured table is unique.  Your table will be very similar, but not identical to, the sample shown here.

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